Tips To Prevent Mosquito Menace For Real Estate Buyer’s – What’s buzzing?

Mumbai monsoon has arrived and so has the dreaded mosquito season! In many parts of the city, current and prospective home-owners have to start a 4-month long battle to protect themselves and their families against famous monsoon illnesses like malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

With more builders opting for eco-friendly constructs there is a consistent rise in building gardens and even individual home micro-gardens. Although advantageous in many ways, these gardens can easily become active breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease-causing insects. As a buyer, one must consider these facts regarding mosquito menace in their prospective homes.

Locality – The area is most important as it is well known that there are certain pockets which are high in mosquito population. For example, buildings closer to open gardens and natural forests like Aarey Colony or Sanjay Gandhi National Park will experience heavy mosquito breeding. A regional health research of the neighbourhood can be helpful before shortlisting the area in which you want to stay.

Society Maintenance inclusions – These days, newer societies invest a certain amount of their maintenance collection in insects and pesticide treatment all around the year. Before buying a home, one can look into the property maintenance and the things that are included in the monthly amount; like mosquito and termite control in each home.

Construction quality – A good construction should have sufficient lighting and ventilation in each room as well as kitchen and bathroom. Stuffy and dingy areas have reputation for mosquito and mould growth. This, in turn, can severely affect the health of members living in it. Check for the layout and proposed plan if you are planning to pre-book a house. Usually, there is not more than 10% deviation from the original layout.

Cleaned and Maintained – Amenities like swimming pools and decorative standing water in the building should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Many builders promise this in the start, however, later on, building maintenance takes a serious hit if not given consideration. Included theses facts when you shortlist and talk to the builder/secretary before buying.

Micro-gardens – There are a few plants which are well known for their excellent mosquito repellent properties. These include eucalyptus, basil, garlic, clove, catnip and lemongrass plant. You can plant them in your home balconies and gardens and also suggest them for your society to keep the entire area free of mosquitoes.

Natural sprays – You can also crush the leaves of these plants and use it in a spray form to use your own home-made mosquito repellents. These are effective, harmless and certainly safer to use especially when you have babies and elders at home.

Tulsi magic – One of the known facts about Tulsi plant is that it works really well against mosquitoes and its larvae. It kills them at the initial stage itself. Keeping it close to a window, door and also in outdoor gardens is definitely going to keep those mosquitoes out of your home.

As little as it is thought about while buying your home, one must consider that illnesses caused by mosquitoes are on the rise since last few years. A property with this problem is a big and chronic problem because it is difficult to get rid of mosquito breeding in a night or two.

So with the above tips in mind, welcome the monsoon showers being well prepared and one step ahead for a good living experience and healthy lifestyle.