Mumbai – A Real Estate Paradise!

For most of us, it is a dream to buy property in this city. Mumbai city, abuzz with activities and fast-paced life is on everyone’s dream property bucket list. What makes this city so special for real estate enthusiasts?

1. Good return on investment: Mumbai is the most coveted city for Real estate Developers as it offers the highest investment returns, in areas such as Andheri, Bandra, Mulund, Thane and Wadala. Thus, one should be completely sure of what they are putting their money in, so there is no future risk. The advantages of buying a home in Mumbai are that you will have a great investment portfolio in your assets.

2. Connectivity and accessibility: Mumbai offers the most convenient and effective system of local transport, highways, roads and railways carrying all of you over the city! You have the option to travel on a local train or take your seat on the double-decker and see the city in all its colours. It also boasts of a busy international and domestic airport in the entire world with amazing global and intercity connection – right in the heart of the city!

3. Has An Open Sea: Beach and ocean lovers’ paradise – Mumbai is surrounded by many water bodies, all making a great escape for your weekends. Whether Marine drive or the Worli-Sea Face, nothing quiets down frayed nerves better than the soothing breeze offered by Mumbai’s coastlines.

4. Is safer than most cities: Mumbai is known as the workers’ hub — Male or female, old and the young, the work-life extends way past midnight. They say the city never sleeps. The crime rate is much lower than any other city of India.

5. Live life street style: MUMBAI, INDIA is a street food paradise! Mumbai is famous for its street foods and eclectic gastronomical outlets for every age group.

6. Its the financial capital of the country: Mumbai is the financial capital of India which makes it a job-generating city with moderate to high salary capacity. Mumbai holds the pride of being the wealthiest city in the country. The expanding business openings offer citizens of Mumbai a good potential for the ever demanding lifestyle.

7. It is the entertainment capital: Mumbai is also synonymous to – the ‘city that never sleeps’, the ‘city of dreams’ and the ‘land of opportunities’ to hundreds of people staying here. Besides, Mumbai is also home to Bollywood, the country’s movie capital.

8. A city that never sleeps: Mumbai is indeed a city that never sleeps. You will probably never see a building in Mumbai with all lights out. The youthful energy of this city lives on 24×7. Be it parties or midnight business meetings or just a family outing – one will observe social gatherings everywhere even post midnight.

9. The land of opportunities: Mumbai is known as the land of opportunity, where one could achieve anything they put their mind to, no matter who they are. It is a land that encourages all small businesses. People coming here from different parts of the world have full liberty to start their own business.