Indoor Plants For Positive Energy

We spend a lot of our awake time in our workplaces. Staring at the laptop/desktop screens throughout the day has become a routine for many.
This sedentary way of life minus physical activity and outdoor time has adverse health effects in the long run; on both, physical and emotional well being. Human progress is slowly but surely taking us away from nature. Today’s youth is quietly battling with health issues which stem from a deeper emotional imbalance. It is true that nature has an answer for everything. There are numerous plants that attract positive energy and help you battle stress, anxiety and sadness. One can plant them in or around your home or even work place if permitted.

1) Money Plant: Extremely positive plant for your home. It is likewise called as the hunter’s robe, brilliant tenderness, silver vine, ivy arum and taro vine. With large quantity of oxygen production, it promotes vitality. This is the reason it’s best to keep the plant inside the house than in the garden. This plant develops as a trailer or a climber. It is best placed in front of a sharp corner as this position helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It should be pointed upwards to bring success and riches.

2) Cactus: Cactii are a stunning species of plants mainly used for decor and artistry. These plants are easy to grow, can survive in any climate and hassle-free to maintain They absorb negative energy and can help fight off anxiety and nervousness. They also soak up all the negative electromagnetic energy from the electronic gadgets in your home, which is extremely beneficial in long run.

3) Spearmint: Spearmint is also known as garden mint, common mint and has numerous medical advantages. A cup of spearmint tea can calm you down instantly and has an overall soothing effect. Some claim that these plants promote wealth also.

4) Jasmine: Jasmine is planted generally for its blossoms and its delightful fragrance. According to ancient medicine, it enhances positive feelings within individuals living in the same household and reduces negative energy. The plant brings a wide range of positive air when set inside almost a South facing window.

5) Bamboo: The bamboo plant or fondly known as fortunate bamboo brings good health and good luck in love life. It is a low upkeep plant. You can place it in any corner of the room which has mild or low lighting, ideally in at least one inch of cleansed or refined water This plant is famous as an image of success and favorable luck.