Value Adding Home Renovations

Renovation gives new identity and value to your home. We Have Highlighted a Few Must-do Home Renovations. These five Segments Of Renovations May seem costly; However, They Increase The Over-All Asset Value And Give That Extra Edge To Your Home.

1. FLOORING: The most important feature of your house is flooring. A good hardwood flooring will enhance the overall appearance of your home. Using premium quality flooring improves the shelf life and also increases the re-sale value. There are cost-effective ways of recycling your old existing flooring like:
(a) HARDWOOD – Reuse wood flooring by turning it into kitchen cabinets, wall cladding, wood accent wall.
(b) TILE – Reuse tile flooring by converting them into tile coasters, tile, pots for garden decor, serving tray, tile table top, etc..
(c) STONE – stone accent wall, household embellishments.

2. FIXTURE: Your house looks often worn out and disheveled because of older fixtures. Replacing cabinets, sink, light fittings and bathroom fittings will give a sparkly new feel. Old wood becomes a mold harbour due to moisture and old metal fittings often have hidden rust. Changing these is also beneficial for long term health of the residents of home.

3. BATHROOM: Bath and wash area feature an important yet neglected portion of your home. Bathroom should be clean, smell nice and reflect the interior esthetics of the entire house. Nowadays, highly specialized, contemporary and user-friendly designs are available to enhance the look of your bath area. Incorporating these modern fittings and features will dramatically increase the value of your house.

4. KITCHEN: For many people, kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of activity throughout the day. Remodelling your kitchen to contemporary styles having modular designs will increase the asset value of property. Inclusion of modular kitchen in interior value checklist is definitely a very attractive deal for many potential buyers.

5. COLOR: Planning for a new painting project, good for you! The right color choice can refresh, revitalize and renew any room in your house, or your entire house. Nothing can match the newness and richness associated with a fresh wash of paint; even if you don’t change colors.